Discover the Power of Cosmelan Peel.

The ultimate solution for achieving a brighter, more even complexion.

Discover the Power of Cosmelan Peel. Are you struggling with dark spots, Melasma, or stubborn pigmentation that refuses to fade? Look no further than Cosmelan peel – the ultimate solution for achieving a brighter, more even complexion.

Key Advantages

Reduction of Dark Spots: Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Cosmelan peel targets dark spots and blemishes, effectively reducing their appearance for a more radiant complexion.

Treatment of Melasma: Combat the challenges of Melasma with Cosmelan peel. This advanced treatment is specifically formulated to address Melasma, helping to fade discoloration and restore skin clarity.

Painless Procedure: Experience the benefits of Cosmelan peel without any discomfort. Unlike some skincare treatments, Cosmelan peel is virtually painless, ensuring a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Fast Results: Don’t wait months to see results. With Cosmelan peel, you can enjoy noticeable improvements in your skin’s appearance in a relatively short amount of time, giving you the confidence boost you deserve.

Effective for Stubborn Pigmentation: Have traditional skin lightening products failed to deliver results? Cosmelan peel offers a solution for pigmentation that has been resistant to other treatments, providing a more effective alternative for achieving your skincare goals.

Beyond Superficial Peels: When superficial peels fall short, Cosmelan peel steps in to deliver superior results. Its potent formula penetrates deep into the skin, targeting pigmentation at its source for long-lasting improvements.

Luxery Package Cosmelan
Whats included:

  • 1 x Cosmelan Professional Peel,
  • 1 x Complete Cosmelan Home Care Kit,
  • 7 full size retail homecare products,
  • 3 x LED Facials ($65 value each)
  • Skin Analysis Diagnostic Check ($75 value)

All this for $1390
Saving of $270!

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Home visits available Please contact clinic directly for this