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​LED is a non-invasive skin treatment hat uses light emitting diodes to deliver pure light in precise wavelengths. There is no downtime. This treatment repairs and intensely hydrates & improves skin tone, luminosity and texture.

Double cleanse, triple serum infusion with mini facial massage, & moisturise Choose from Yellow, Red, Green & Blue.

​Blue light: Blue light therapy uses light in the blue wavelength range to kill the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, on the skin.

​Red light: Red light works to plump and hydrate your skin. Blood flow increases, leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification. Your skin will be clearer with less fine lines.

​Yellow light: The yellow light stimulates more deeply to soften fine lines and improve skin tone and texture. Combine with skin needling, chemical peels and other popular treatments to help repair the skin.

​Green light: green light targets dark circles, pigmentation, broken capillaries and sunspots, skin pigmentation. It also calms irritated or over-stimulated skin.